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Beating Addictions, Mindfully

A new clinical trial reveals that mindful meditation may help you kick your smoking habit — for good. The brain is an efficient machine, quickly learning survival techniques through rewards and positive reinforcement. But when it comes to addiction, the brain is almost too good at its job. Brewer believes that mindfulness can short-circuit these addiction pathways.
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The Low-Tech Appeal of Little Free Libraries

The "take a book, return a book" boxes are catching in even on places where Kindles and brick-and-mortar books abound.
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Stressed? Helping Others May Make You Feel Better

Simple acts of kindness – like giving directions, buying someone’s coffee or helping with homework – can improve your mental health and make you feel less stressed out.
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6 Scientific Reasons Reading Is Good for You

Could a chapter a day keep the doctor away? A growing body of research finds that reading books has a range of health benefits, from improved brain function to better coping skills.
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Don't Taste the Rainbow: Ditching Artificial Colors

Your favorite sweet treat may be getting a makeover. This month, candy giant Mars, Inc. announced it will remove all artificial colors from its human food products over the next five years.
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A Shower a Day Washes Good Bacteria Away

Before you lather up during your next shower, consider this: Just as good bacteria serve a purpose in the gut, they provide similar benefits on the skin. Bathe too often or too aggressively, and you literally wash your microbiome down the drain. “We really aren’t dirty most of the time,” says Robynne Chutkan, MD, founder and gastroenterologist at the Digestive Center for Women and author of Gutbliss.
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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Weary of your workout? Dreading your dreary routine? Find your fitness bliss by putting the fun back in activity. When Darryl Edwards hit the gym to get fit, he went all in, progressing from self-described couch potato to physical powerhouse. He grew ever stronger, leaner, healthier. “I had a strong work ethic from my job in investment banking, which I transferred to my experience in the gym.
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Climate Change Shrinks Access to Healthy Food

Climate change may kill more than 500,000 people by 2050, as populations around the world lose access to nutritious foods, finds a grim new study. The report, published in The Lancet, finds that global warming will not only reduce the overall food supply – it will also influence the composition of the human diet.
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Building Community: Nine Ways to Connect and Transform

Building community is easier (and more fun) than you might think. Your ragtag neighborhood softball league shows that group activities foster meaningful relationships. National Night Out and neighborhood watches have measurable effects on neighborhood safety and unity. And the community garden you help tend is living proof that working together can yield healthy bodies and healthy blocks.
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Home Sweet Tiny Home

The McMansion used to be all the rage: 3,000-plus square feet of cavernous space, lofty nine-foot ceilings, a sprawling master suite, spalike bathrooms, and a barn-sized garage. Once status symbols, these elements are now waning in popularity as homeowners embrace the less-is-more mantra. Today’s buyers want practical simplicity, not opulence, reports Tara Lohan in the Hartford Advocate (Dec. 30, 2010).
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sweat

Discover the fun, fascinating, funky truth about all things sweaty. If you totaled up Christopher Bergland’s athletic achievements, they would be the equivalent of running around the world four times, biking to the moon and back, and swimming across the Atlantic and home again. Needless to say, Bergland knows a thing or two about sweat.
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Natalia Allen: Conscientious Fashionista

More than 8,000 chemicals were used to make the clothes in your closet. Approximately 1,800 gallons of fresh water were used to manufacture the jeans you’re wearing right now. All-too-commonplace numbers like these make it clear that the fashion industry needs an eco-makeover. Natalia Allen is up for the challenge.
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